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Printing, Packaging & Die Making Solutions

Whether you’re looking for the widest array of solutions and products available in the die-making, packaging and printing industries, or you need a company that specialises in Martin Miller,Cito,  Channel die-making products, Kodak chemistry, and plates, or The Pantone Matching System Books and Guides, Seaga Group Australia is your trustworthy source. 

We offer an array of services, perfect for covering a display of specific needs related to post-press, on press and pre-press. You can find the most innovative packaging and printing solutions and products here at the most competitive prices. 

The Company’s Motto

Seaga Group takes pride in providing prospects with a wide range of highly innovative solutions and products that are closely related to printing, packaging, and die-making industries. We distribute products to many industries, with our company’s main mission focused on providing all the supplies the said industries require in one place. 

Consumers can expect top-class services that include:

  • An ongoing stock of top-class items at competitive prices
  • Solutions that are unprecedented and highly competitive
  • A reliable network that far surpasses a wide range of competitive suppliers
  • Exceptional customer experience and service at all times

All consumers and potential prospects coming from packaging, publishing, and printing industries can count on Seaga Group to get an array of solutions tailored to their specific and diverse needs. 

Featured Categories

At Seaga Group, consumers can choose packaging solutions, printing solutions, pantone products or packaging products that suit their needs. Whether it’s product solutions and packaging solutions in Australia or packaging shop and packaging online, Seaga Group delivers. 

Consumers can choose from the following categories:

  • Graphics
  • Interiors, home, and fashion
  • Munsell
  • CITO creasing matrix
  • Offset plates
  • Ejection rubber
  • CITO process line
  • Software and workflow

Contact Seaga Group today to check the services on the offer.

Testimonials - BK Design

Great service! Rang on a Wednesday morning to order a new set of Pantone fandecks for our studio and received my goods the following afternoon in perfect condition. A very impressive turnaround time indeed, well done.

Testimonials - Jane P.

Great customer service via livechat gave me a prompt and informative response. Thanks for your help SEAGA!

Testimonials - Mind

I had no idea what Pantone was before I contacted SEAGA but staff were able to explain to me the basics very quickly and walk me through the process of selecting the right product for me. Complete transparency with information and charges and I received my parcel within 2 business days.

Thanks guys!

Testimonials - Fluke Design

We have used our fandecks from SEAGA to spec dozens of spaces for clients homes and offices. All of our colouring has been super accurate. Staff were super helpful and supportive in getting me the correct tools I needed. Items shipped to our office in only a few days which was just perfect.

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