Kodak Preps Imposition Software

Preps Imposition Software - Version 8


New automation capabilities bring even greater productivity to the workflow:

  • Custom fold patterns for web and ribbon printing signatures
  • Shingling and bottling rule management
  • Smart collation marks

KODAK PREPS Imposition Software


Imposition is at the heart of off-set production costs - affecting throughput, material usage, and labor. Take control of production efficiencies with KODAK PREPS Imposition Software - the leading solution for error-free impositions and one of the most widely used tools in the printing industry.

PREPS Imposition Software produces faster, more accurate impositions that maximize press sheet usage. Its automated imposition process cuts turnaround time and reduces costs.

Primary Benefits

  • Makes it fast and easy to create, save and manage step-and-repeat reducing turnaround time and costs so you can get to more jobs, faster.
  • Handles complex jobs for digital and conventional print with ease.
  • Produce similar or repetitive jobs easily, saving time and reducing cost with templates and libraries.
  • Efficiently and effectively manage any print project using specific interfaces for commercial and packaging.
  • Industry standard software well known by print operators minimizes training and maximizes productivity.

Software Capabilities

  • Flexible, easy-to-use templates make it easy to produce similar or repetitive jobs efficiently.
  • Template Search tool enables you find an existing Preps template quickly for re-use.
  • Define how a mark should be placed based on job or production needs with SmartMarks.
  • Define rules that utilize the SmartMarks automatically in a JDF or auto generated workflow with SmartMarks Editor.
  • Improved production reporting on colors, dimensions and equipment specified for the job.
  • Enhanced step-and-repeat for packaging applications and packaging specific interface.
  • AutoGang feature optimizes the placement of several jobs on a single press sheet.
  • Supports industry-standard PDF input and JDF output files.
Create, save and manage
Create, save and manage step-and-repeat patterns.
Preview any job in real time
Preview any job in real time: zoom in on pages or complete signatures, including marks. Any change you make is instantly updated, so you can check for errors as you go.


Features & Benefits

  • Expanded capabilities
  • Broad range of JDF functionality to suit your needs
  • Ganging options for greater efficiency



As of July 1, 2016, Kodak will cease support for version 5.x KODAK PREPS Imposition Software for all non-contract customers. Customers with an active service agreement will enjoy an additional six months of support until January 1, 2017 , when support will end for ALL customers.
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