Kodak Pandora Software


New in Version 8


Kodak’s new SMART Layout technology drives incremental cost savings and productivity

  • Cut layout creation from hours to minutes with Smart Layout; uses color sort technology to build optimized ganged layouts
  • Reduce down time with Die Waste Smart Mark; automatically identifies die cut issues
  • Reduce paper waste with Split Color Bar Smart Mark

KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software


Printing packaging has a unique level of complexity - every job and every layout is different every time. If kept unchecked, this complexity can erode margins and lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Harness complexity and turn it into an advantage with KODAK PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software. It is a powerful solution designed to efficiently create print-ready packaging layouts while dramatically reducing layout time, improving accuracy and minimizing waste.

Tackle any packaging job with confidence using PANDORA Step-and-Repeat software.

Primary Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce layout time and effort with automation and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Improve accuracy and minimize waste with intelligent marks that position and size themselves on a layout.
  • Enjoy more efficient set-up for repeat jobs with re-usable, automatable step-and-repeat templates and CAD files from 1-up dies.
  • Supports offset, flexo and gravure printing.

Software Capabilities

  • Efficiently create print-ready packaging layouts, including complex jobs for in-the-round, roll-to-roll or non-rectangular die cut printing applications.
  • Gives operators control over artwork layout information, such as sizing and positioning, from original file to final output, maintaining accuracy and reliability.
  • Optimizes layout of different labels on same sheet based on artwork colors to achieve optimal print performance - a unique capability only Kodak offers.
  • Provides functionality to gang different labels together on same sheet.
Automate layout creation
Automate layout creation for any type of packaging using the interactive step-and-repeat tool. Marks are automatically placed and colors are mapped correctly to artwork colors.



Do Even More with PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software


KODAK Packaging Layout Automation Software

Packaging Layout Automation (PLA) leverages layout capabilities of PANDORA Step-and-Repeat Software and further speeds the process and reduces cost through Rules Based Automation. With PLA, press sheet layouts can be automatically generated, from complex multi-job layouts to unpopulated layouts. PLA can save hours of operator time and support a fully-automated production process, while improving consistency and maximizing media use.


Features & Benefits


  • Integrated workflow
  • Advanced step-and-repeat functionality
  • Automated layout creation
  • CAD die files supported
  • CAD file creation or modification
  • Intelligent SmartMarks
  • Color mapping
  • PRINERGY Workflow variable mark support
  • Die-based bleed path editing
  • Backside layout creation
  • Job template support
  • Varnish and coating blanket support