Kodak Colourflow Software

New in Version 8


G7 certification & ability to support ISO12647-2 opens the door to new customers

  • Expand your customer base by qualifying for jobs that require G7 certifications
  • Expand to global markets by qualifying for jobs with these contract requirements.
  • Stabilize your print output in less time, with less waste

COLORFLOW Software now includes Harmony calibration

  • Streamlined printing workflow with one system that drives higher quality, fewer errors
  • Simplifies training and on-boarding
  • Harmony users can streamline their print production workflow with a one system approach for integration and calibration.


Color is at the core of any printer's business. Impressive, consistent color output is essential to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and growing your business. KODAK COLORFLOW Software enables you to ensure color quality, accuracy, and consistency in an efficient and predictable manner, across multiple devices.

COLORFLOW Software diagram



COLORFLOW Software enables you to ensure color quality, accuracy, and consistency across multiple devices.

Primary Benefits

  • Lock in color accuracy with instant previews while editing curves and profiles
  • Reduce labor costs and errors when managing color quality variances across multiple devices
  • Increase production efficiency and turnaround times without sacrificing color quality
  • Decrease ink consumption

Software Capabilities

  • COLORFLOW Software integrates the many elements and devices in a typical print production environment, and manages the complex color relationships between them. This helps ensure that all color control elements - curves, ICC profiles and spot color recipes - are used correctly together.
  • Used in conjunction with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow, COLORFLOW Software can fully store and automate precision color adjustments, align curves and profiles, and deliver throughput accuracy to further boost production efficiencies, and reduce manual tasks and, as a result, operator errors.

Want to do even more with COLORFLOW Software?


COLORFLOW Pro Software
Includes all of the features of COLORFLOW Software, plus the ability to create and edit ICC device profiles and ICC DeviceLink profiles.

KODAK Ink Optimizing Solution
SAVE UP TO 30% while maintaining high color quality.* KODAK Ink Optimizing Solution applies sophisticated color-conversion intelligence to convert color blends and reduce the amount of CMY ink used without affecting the appearance of color images or the sharpness of text or line art.

Brochure (PDF)

*Ink savings vary depending on the amount of color and the color blends in a job.


Features & Benefits


  • Achieve better color faster, without advanced training
  • Monitor performance with comprehensive reporting tools
  • Comply with international standards
  • Reduce ink consumption by up to 30%