Kodak Sonora X Process Free Plates

SONORA X Process Free Plates bring the environmental and cost benefits of process free plate making to more printers than ever before. With run lengths, imaging speeds, resolutions, and handling capabilities that match most unbaked processed plates, Kodak estimates that SONORA X Plates can be used by up to 80% of offset printers.


SONORA Plates can be used to print:

  • Offset packaging and labels

  • UV and low-energy UV print

  • Heatset web applications

  • Newspapers (high-volume & automated)

  • Long-run commercial print

  • VLF applications

  • And more...


Our goal is to make process free possible for all printers.

With the new technology developed for Kodak’s latest SONORA Plates, our plate scientists have come very close to that goal, expanding the capabilities of SONORA Plates to meet the performance needs of most offset printing applications.


Long Run Lengths

Sonora X plates can replace unbaked wet processed plates in most applications, with run lengths up to;

  • 400,000 impressions with heatset / commercial cold press
  • 200,000 impressions with sheetfed press
  • 100,000 impressions for offset packaging (non-UV ink)
  • 60,000 impressions for UV-ink applications


Productivity and print quality

With laser energy required of 120 mJ/cm2, SONORA X Plates let printers get the maximum throughput from nearly all platesetters, and with no processing step, making plates is faster than ever.

Your customers will appreciate that you are using a more sustainable plate, and they will love the print quality they’re getting, thanks to the high resolution capabilities of SONORA X Plates.


Technical Specifications


Non-ablative, thermal, negative-working (write-the-image) plate incorporating Kodak’s press ready technology


High quality, medium to long run plate for sheetfed, packaging, web and all UV print applications

Spectral sensitivity

800 – 850 nm

Laser energy required

120 mJ/cm2 on KODAK Platesetters with KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology


1% to 99% @ 200 lpi 
450 lpi possible. Dependent upon capability of imaging device.

FM capability

20-micron stochastic 
Dependent upon imaging device capabilities, print applications and screening algorithms. For optimum FM performance, Kodak recommends KODAK STACCATO Screening on platesetters with KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology.

Run length
  • Up to 400,000 impressions with heatset / commercial coldset web presses
  • Up to 200,000 impressions with sheetfed presses
  • Up to 100,000 impressions for offset packaging (non-UV ink)
  • Up to 60,000 impressions for UV-ink applications

Dependent upon image resolution, press, press chemistry, ink and paper conditions.


The plate can be handled before and after imaging safely for: 
up to 1 hour under white light 
up to 8 hours under C20 - UV Cut 
up to 24 hours under G-10 yellow light 
Safelight limits @ 800 Lux


Spec Sheet

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