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Antimarking solutions for plate and blanket cylinders

The new CITO Antimarking Plate - the ideal choice for your KBA Rapida 105/106 coater


If you print without varnish in your coater of the KBA Rapida 105/106, you know the challenge to get the sheet without markings through the coating unit. The CITO Antimarking Plate is used instead of the blanket mat in the KBA Rapida 105/106 coater and prevents marks on the printed image and colour build-up on the coating plate cylinder.


The CITO Antimarking Plate is particularly flexible and extremely stable due to its multilayer structure. This offers you the advantage of easy handling and multiple installation and removal. Kinks, dents and deformations are no longer a worry when using CITO Antimarking Plate.

The CITO Antimarking Plate stands out to due to the following unbeatable advantages:

  • No marks in the printing process due to ink-repellent surface
  • Long service life due to stable and flexible structuring
  • Proven and well-known handling by similar structure as a coating plate
  • Huge savings compared to alternative products


Cleaning is very easy. You do not need to constantly clean the CITO Antimarking Plate. The surface can be easily cleaned and maintained with a water-blanket detergent mixture when changing jobs or format.

An additional covering with antimarking nets, which are susceptible to paper dust and other deposits, is not necessary. The use of the CITO Antimarking Plate is equal to the guiding plate or a coating plate and therefore, requires no additional steps or modifications.

In short: an innovative antimarking solution that enables you to produce more economically and efficiently, achieve excellent quality and save costs.

Order the CITO Antimarking Plate exclusively from us.

CITO Antimarking Plate

Description Dimensions Unit Order no.
CITO Antimarking Plate KBA Rapida 105/106 coater 730 mm 796 × 1060 mm 1 pc AVB99100