iECHO BK3 Digital Cutting Machine

The BK3 is suitable for all your cutting requirements!


The BK3 high precision digital cutting system can perform cutting, kiss cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions with high speed and high precision. With a stacker and collecting system, it can complete the material feeding and collecting quickly. BK3 is quite suitable for sample making, small scale production and production line usage in sign, advertising, printing and packaging industries. The BK3 cutting system is the real all-around champion in material cutting.

Efficient Cutting Heads

The max cutting speed is 1m/s(4-6 times faster than manual cutting), which can increase production efficiency. 

Precise Automatic Positioning System

With a high precision CCD camera, BK3 can realize the precise position and registration cutting for different materials. It can solve the common problems of manual positioning deviation and print deformation.

IECHO Motion Control System

CUTTERSERVER makes the cutting process smooth, efficient, perfect.

Safety Device

Safety device ensures the safety of the operator.

IECHO Automatic Knife Initialization

Control the cutting depth accuracy with infrared sensor through automatic knife initialization.

IECHO Continuous Cutting System

Intelligent conveyor system enables the feeding, cutting and collecting functions to work cooperatively. The continuous cutting function can cut long pieces of material, saving labor costs and apparently raising the productivity.


Tool Heads & Knives

Tool heads: It can combine three tool heads at optional with full set of modular design cutting head, realize one completion on various cutting technical requirements for single material.

Knives: Various tool heads can be equipped with multiple series of knives, such as oscillating knife, creasing wheel, drilling tool, rotary knife, tangent knife, punching knife and appropriate knives, and the knives can be configured with different diameters and angles according to the material cutting needs.