Adhesives & Glue


Special glue for the die making requirements

Stafofix 2000 is a superfast adhesive specially for the demands of gluing ejection materials in diemaking production.

Stafofix 3000 is a more viscous version which prevents the glue from running into the cutting line, e.g. during the production of rotary dies. Improved dosing for the adhesive facilitates application on narrow profiles such as the CITO Rubber Profile D/5.

StafoTack R is a superfast adhesive with a fast reaction time especially for the demands of gluing ejection materials on rotary dies. Optimum handling is guaranteed by the screwed safety dosing tip and the quick-release cap.

CITO Activator Spray for cyanoacrylate adhesives for acceleration and hardening




description contents unit Order No.
Superglue Stafofix 2000 50-g-bottle 12 bottles BPS00001
Superglue Stafofix 3000 50-g-bottle 12 bottles BPS00004
Superglue StafoTack R  50-g-bottle 20 bottles  BPS00021
CITO Activator Spray 200 ml 1 pc. BPS00003

Note: Keep in a cool place!!




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Safety Data Sheet CITO Activator Spray



CITO Stafoleim is based on polyisoprene latex water-soluble cold glue for adhering rubber products to unpainted plywood.


  description/version contents unit Order No.
x CITO Stafoleim 5 kg 1 plastic canister BPS00013
x CITO Stafoleim 250 g 1 bottle BPS00014
x Discharge tap for 5kg canisters   1 pc. BPS00012
x Glue dispensing bottle, 250g, empty   1 pc. BPS00010