End Seals - Rubber

SEAGA offers a range of common rubber end seals as seen below. We manufacturer all our seals onsite and custom seals and shapes can also be created upon request.


Common available seals include:

  • End seal for Fischer & Krecke - Code name ACC-SEAL-F+K
  • End seal for Martin 1628 BLACK - Code name ACC-SEAL-MARTIN
  • End seal for Martin 1628 GREY - Code name ACC-SEAL-MARTING
  • End seal for Mitsubishi - Code name ACC-SEAL-MITSU
  • End seal for Summit X 12mm thick - Code name ACC-SEAL-SUMMITX-12MM
  • End seal for Summit X - Code name ACC-SEAL-SUMMITX
  • End seal for Summit 100 - Code name ACC-SEAL-SUMMIT


To learn more about our rubber cutting capabilities please contact us on 03 9457 6077 or email us at sales@seagagroup.com.au