Welcome to our new website!

Author: SEAGA   Date Posted:17 December 2017 

A blog about our new website!

After much planning and design we have finally unveiled our upgraded and improved SEAGA website. This innovation comes off the back of our increasing desire to improve our webstore and user experience, and the way people find the right products for them on our site. 

We are very excited to bring this new experience to our loyal SEAGA customers and partners and hope it will better our engagements with all of you. 

Our new website is ripe with information on all this we sell. As a business with quite a technical product assortment, we have tried our best to present this in the most simplistic way possible, to allow you, the user to understand and interpret with ease. 

Any questions or comments can be direct to our super customer service team on 03 9457 6077 or at sales@seagagroup.com.au

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